Episode 0 is recorded!

hey all, wanted to update everyone that last night’s recording of episode 0 went very well.  We created the game world (universe?), introduced our characters to each other, created 5 major factions that are all going to be thorns in our sides at one time or another, pizza was eaten, beers were drunk, disturbing visual […]

So why play Uncharted Worlds?

Our group got together over two years ago to play Eberron, a D&D playsetting.  after that was Shadowrun.  While both of those are really good games, they are heavy on the rules (especially Shadowrun, at least once a game session someone was taking 5 minutes to look up rules).  When we decided to record a […]

3 days until episode 0

in three days we will be finally recording our first episode of this podcast. in the mean time, I’m busy getting the website off the ground, creating a facebook page and twitter feed (hey, now would be a good time to go check out facebook and twitter!) and planning out a release schedule (we’re going […]