Episodes 0 and 1 are now live!

We are finally live!  The sound quality is about what you’d expect from a bunch of amateur podcasters but future episodes will see lots of improvement.  Please click and listen to the episodes!  Episode 0: First, Create the Universe Episode 1: The Electric Menace You can also subscribe at the following links: Apple Itunes:  http://apple.co/2AHwIx1 Google […]

Chad’s Bio

The Sound Guy Chad is a New Orleans boy living in Portland with his wife, 5 year old son and two skittish cats.  Chad has been playing roleplaying games since age 12. Favorite games are D&D, white wolf games, traveler, star wars, and shadowrun.  Favorite podcasts are the Adventure Zone, how did this get made […]

Steve’s Bio

Our Sourcebook Scavenger Stephen started gaming with his high school friends in the Seattle area in 2000, and by 2001 was involved in 3-4 D&D games every week. He stopped gaming briefly in 2003 when he spent a summer working in Alaska, and then started again in 2005 when he lived with his best friend […]

James’ Bio

Our Grizzled Vet/Source of Snark My name is James and I have been gaming on and off since ’98. I took a lengthy hiatus from Table Top Gaming to go kill bad guys IRL with the U.S. Army. Since being back state side I have dived back into it. I have played mainly D&D in […]

Kristi’s Bio

Professional Geek Kristi Weyland is a board game blogger, reviewer, and photographer at Peace, Love & Games. A homeschooling mom of several geeklings, she also enjoys nature walks, audiobooks, and being crafty. You can find her on Instagram @PeaceLoveGames and Twitter @KristiWeyland

Kim’s Bio

Our Host Kim went on her first D&D adventure 20 years ago, and the games ended way too soon. She trudged along the path ahead, feeling lost and alone without a party of adventurers at her side. Just before the ennui swallowed her whole, she moved across country and met some friends who were into […]