A new year is here and with the new year comes new adventures, new stories, and new recording equipment!  with the combined efforts of the group, we managed to secure a Zoom H6 handy recorder to use instead of my wonky laptop and audacity.  This is an important move for us because the H6 allows us to do MULTI TRACK RECORDING!


why is this a big deal?  it’s a little more stuff to juggle during sound editing, but it makes for a cleaner, better sound in my opinion.  Everyone comes in loud and clear since we all have our own mics and if there’s any background noise or people are talking over each other, I can edit out any interrupting sound.  This means that coughs, sneezes, and chewing can be edited out more successfully.

Ain’t she a thing of beauty?


And since we hadn’t gotten together to play Uncharted Worlds since before Christmas, we were excited to get back to recording and hang out.

celebrating with beer, chocolate, and… surgical masks?


I’m excited about this session for a number of reasons, one being I get a much better sound to play with and I feel like I have the tools to create a much more enjoyable episode for our listeners, and Kim received a fan letter that she read during the episode!  We got fans!  I also read some encouraging comments we got from social media.


My hope for 2018 is to see this thing that we’ve created grow and become a podcast that people really want to listen to.  I hope we entertain some people through the year and I hope that our listenership increases.  I am truly grateful for the listeners that we have already and I encourage everyone who listens to us and likes what they hear to tell their friends and spread the word a little.  Word of mouth goes a long way and it is very appreciated.

Keep listening.  episode 6 seems like it’s going to be a pleasant aural experience.  Let the Chaos continue!