We are a group of people who have been passionate about roleplaying games and most things nerdy for many years now.  We are all also parents.  We met each other over the years because all of us were looking to get back into roleplaying games after various lengths of time in order to have some fun and help cope with the stresses of being a parent and adulting.

Here’s some interesting information about all of us:


KIM (Flossy Leed)


Kim went on her first D&D adventure 20 years ago, and the games ended way too soon. She trudged along the path ahead, feeling lost and alone without a party of adventurers at her side. Just before the ennui swallowed her whole, she moved across country and met some friends who were into tabletop RPGs. The last three glorious years of gaming with them have been recorded for all time in composition books loaded with horrible plans gone wrong, stories worthy of dice-shaming, and favorite one-liners that never die. In her day job, she hangs out with dozens of adorable LVL1 human child minions, including four of her own. Favorite Things: wine and chocolate. Top 5 Binged Shows: HIMYM, Supernatural, House, Doctor Who, The Last Kingdom. Currently Reading: The Last Kingdom (Shocker!) She would like to thank her loving husband for many years of bowling pins and to say “Bork!” to her cute doggo.  You can follow her @isitwine30yet on twitter.


KRISTI (Rin Hudson)



Kristi Weyland is a board game blogger, reviewer, and photographer at Peace, Love & Games. A homeschooling mom of several geeklings, she also enjoys nature walks, audiobooks, and being crafty. You can find her on Instagram @PeaceLoveGames and Twitter @KristiWeyland


JAMES (Hen-Tal)



My name is James and I have been gaming on and off since ’98. I took a lengthy hiatus from Table Top Gaming to go kill bad guys IRL with the U.S. Army. Since being back state side I have dived back into it. I have played mainly D&D in its various editions, 2E, 4E and 5th as well as Shadowrun and now Uncharted worlds. While not rolling dice (in an effort to emulate the sound of bullet casings bouncing off the hood of the HMMWV) I spend my time at a save point called “Home” playing video games, spending time with my wife or grooming my tiny spawn to be the Über nerd.


STEPHEN (Dr. Arthur Ezekiel III)



Stephen started gaming with his high school friends in the Seattle area in 2000, and by 2001 was involved in 3-4 D&D games every week. He stopped gaming briefly in 2003 when he spent a summer working in Alaska, and then started again in 2005 when he lived with his best friend and the DM of a 3rd Edition game. When 4th edition launched, they decided it was complete garbage, and they cooked up several different home-brew mechanics, borrowing rules from every edition of D&D, Chivalry & Sorcery, and Cyberpunk 20XX, which they played and modified and tested until 2013, when his marriage disintegrated, and he moved to Oregon. He spent about 6 months away from the community, until he met his current group of murder-hobos, and has been playing with them semi-consistently since then


CHAD (Gideon Nyco and W.A.D.E.)



Chad is a New Orleans boy living in Portland with his wife, 5 year old son and two skittish cats.  Chad has been playing roleplaying games since age 12. Favorite games are D&D, white wolf games, traveler, star wars, and shadowrun.  Favorite podcasts are the Adventure Zone, how did this get made and my brother, my brother and me.  Twitter handle is @chadlicious