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Episode 2 went live Monday!

hello, all!  our second episode, “Console repair for dummies” went live this week and we would like you to check it out!  hey, maybe you should check out ep. 0 and ep. 1 as well just so you’re all caught up?  this is a good time to jump on the train… or space transport, as […]

Episodes 0 and 1 are now live!

We are finally live!  The sound quality is about what you’d expect from a bunch of amateur podcasters but future episodes will see lots of improvement.  Please click and listen to the episodes!  Episode 0: First, Create the Universe Episode 1: The Electric Menace You can also subscribe at the following links: Apple Itunes: Google […]

Chad’s Bio

The Sound Guy Chad is a New Orleans boy living in Portland with his wife, 5 year old son and two skittish cats.  Chad has been playing roleplaying games since age 12. Favorite games are D&D, white wolf games, traveler, star wars, and shadowrun.  Favorite podcasts are the Adventure Zone, how did this get made […]

Steve’s Bio

Our Sourcebook Scavenger Stephen started gaming with his high school friends in the Seattle area in 2000, and by 2001 was involved in 3-4 D&D games every week. He stopped gaming briefly in 2003 when he spent a summer working in Alaska, and then started again in 2005 when he lived with his best friend […]

James’ Bio

Our Grizzled Vet/Source of Snark My name is James and I have been gaming on and off since ’98. I took a lengthy hiatus from Table Top Gaming to go kill bad guys IRL with the U.S. Army. Since being back state side I have dived back into it. I have played mainly D&D in […]

Kristi’s Bio

Professional Geek Kristi Weyland is a board game blogger, reviewer, and photographer at Peace, Love & Games. A homeschooling mom of several geeklings, she also enjoys nature walks, audiobooks, and being crafty. You can find her on Instagram @PeaceLoveGames and Twitter @KristiWeyland

Kim’s Bio

Our Host Kim went on her first D&D adventure 20 years ago, and the games ended way too soon. She trudged along the path ahead, feeling lost and alone without a party of adventurers at her side. Just before the ennui swallowed her whole, she moved across country and met some friends who were into […]