This page will hold our release schedule plans, as well as make any adjustments if the schedule needs changing due to illness or holidays or such.


We released the podcast on 11/27/2017.

We plan on releasing new content every Monday, probably around midnight Pacific time

The plan is to release somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 or so episodes per season, with a small break in between seasons.  Currently the plan is to release content from the end of November until July, then take a break of no more than a month.


We will not be releasing a new episode on January 1, 2018.  Even space hustlers need to sleep it off once in a while.


this plan is subject to change depending on unforseen circumstances, illness, childcare issues, transportation, bad weather, television series season premiers, wrestlemania, technological difficulties, organic difficulties, spouse aggro, and the machinations of the Illuminati.