Do you have an idea for a Jump Point we could use in an upcoming game?  Is there a crazy situation you would like to see the crew get into and see how we get ourselves out of it? Send it to us!  We’re compiling a list of story starters to use.


Remember that a Jump Point is not a whole story, it is the start of one, or more accurately the idea of a story triggered by some event.  A useful Jump Point consists of the following three items:

  • Short scene setting
  • Immediate threats
  • A series of leading questions to fill in the gaps

So an example would be something like

  • “Everyone on the ship regains consciousness after crash landing on a strange world.  The alarms are still going off and wires are sparking.  A large hole in the hull has made the ship unable to fly”
  • “You hear the snarling of what sounds like large predators just outside the ship getting closer to the hole and all of your weapons are locked in storage”
  • “What caused the crash? Who is closest to the hole in the hull and how severe are their injuries?”

you can submit multiple ideas to us, we will read over them and compile a list.  If we use your Jump Point, we will credit you on the show and you may even possibly get something in the way of a thank you from us!

You can submit to us through twitter DMs, Facebook message or email us at


We will keep the submission period open for now, once we have an amount of submissions we are comfortable with we will close the window.  We look forward to seeing what you all come up with!